Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Tis the Season: My Christmas Haul-iday

It began to look a lot like Christmas a couple of weeks ago, when the snow finally came and blanketed the city in white. I simply love Christmas - from the cookies to the holiday cheer to the lights. In this blog post, I will be highlighting some of my favorite gifts.


I have always wanted makeup from Sephora. I received the Urban Decay Naked On The Run, which includes five eyeshadows, an all-over powder, bronzer, blush, lip gloss, mascara and an eye pencil. This set has several neutral shades that are perfect for any occasion.

Naked On The Run Palette
Photo Courtesy: Urban Decay

Naked On The Run Tutorial
Video Courtesy: Youtube
My grandma bought me the Bella J. Deluxe Brush Set from Nordstrom. It has a domed powder brush, flat rounded blush brush, flat eyeshadow brush, duo fiber blending brush, definition brush, and lash/brow groomer brush. These six brushes work well with all of my new makeup.

On the top of my wish list was a Large Ruffle Cosmetic Bag from Vera Bradley. I simply adore the Cherry Blossom print and this bag is durable yet fashionable. The inside of the bag has a waterproof lining, which allows for easy breezy cleaning (If you are like me - a germophobe - then this is a biggie).

To tie everything together, one of my presents was a Two-Sided Makeup Mirror by Conair. It has four light settings - day, evening, home, and office. I honestly don’t care about these different lightings, especially the office because it is pointless since I don’t have a job. With 1x and 5x magnification, this mirror allows one to see the bitty details.


I am kinda obsessed with anything and everything concerning hair. For a long time, I have been wanting a curling wand. When I unwrapped my Remington Pearl Ceramic Professional Curling Wand, I ran to plug it in to test it out. This wand creates the perfect ringlet and heats up to 410 degrees within minutes. As an added bonus, it comes with a heat resistant glove to prevent any burns, and when I wear it I feel like Michael Jackson.

Between the chlorine and everyday life, my hair gets greasy fast, to the point where I have to wash it daily. One of the latest crazes is dry shampoo, a way to get the fresh shower look in just a few seconds. I got Batiste dry shampoo in the medium and brunette color. It refreshes your hair, adds body and textures, and removes oils. Plus, the spray container allows for trouble-free application.


On my room walls, I have action shots of me swimming. Prior to Christmas, I already had two canvases, one of butterfly and one of backstroke. My parents gave me another one of breaststroke to add to my collection. I adore these pics because they remind me of how much I love the sport and they make my room feel homey and unique.

My Christmas Canvas
I hope that you guys had a fantabulous holiday season, because I know I did! I just realized that I forgot to mention that I got Lululemon leggings as an early Christmas treat, and they are amazing. Be sure to comment on your favorite presents below. Thanks for reading and see you next time!



Monday, December 22, 2014

All Sorts of Suits

In swimming, there are two main types of suits. There are practice suits (you wear these everyday) and competition suits (these are for big meets). In this post, I will be giving you my opinion and feedback on both of these types.

Practice Suits

I have lots of practice suits, because I kinda have a problem of wanting to get a new one every time we are at a swim meet or in the swim apparel shop Aquaholics. Then, I completely forget about all of my old practice suits, and that is why there are like five suits on each of my door handles! 

Anyways, my favorite brand of suit is Nike. They come in several styles with different backs, and have the cutest prints. They last for a long time too, so that’s good! Right now, I wear a blue floral suit to practice. I also have another black Nike suit that I wear to meets that aren’t that major. In summer, we have practice twice a day (the morning and afternoon). By the time afternoon practice comes around, my suit from the morning is still wet. :(

My Current Practice Suit
Photo Courtesy: Metro Swim Shop

You should check out my friend Blaire’s blog, as she has a post all about the suits she wears for swimming and water polo. Blaire, if you are reading this, I really want your acid wash pink Nike suit.

In practice, my coach makes all the boys - for the girls it is optional - wear drag suits. You wear a drag suit to create drag (nice definition Siena: not) and help you become less water-dynamic. I wore a drag suit for the short course season last year, and at first I felt like I was moving an inch per hour, but once I got used to it everything was just fine. Then, that glorious (sometimes) time of year came along, taper time! During taper you drop drag, and let me tell you that first set without drag was amazing. I don’t wear a drag suit anymore, as a feel like it didn’t make that much of a difference and it caused my shoulders to hurt.

Competition Suits

Competition suits are also known as “big suits”. These suits have special oils on them that repel water. When you get out of the pool, your suits dries within seconds and the water drips off in a beading effect. It is super cool! Unfortunately, these suits are only effective for a couple of races before they become worn out. Competition suits come in two styles - fastskins and kneeskins. My favorite brand for fastskins is Speedo, and for kneeskins it is BlueSeventy and Arena. 

Look At All Those Kneeskins!
Photo Courtesy: New York Daily News
These suits are a pain to get on because they are super tight. My friends and I have several memories of bonding over our suffering. These suits are also worn by all Olympians - even though they are sponsored and get a new “big suit” for every race. It is really time that I learn life will never be fair. While some people believe that they do not work, I disagree. Every time I wear a kneeskin, I just seem to step up and race! 

That is all that I have for you today. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back for more posts!



Monday, December 8, 2014

Nail Details

I went through a phase a little bit ago where I was just obsessed with painting my nails. Every couple of days, I had to redo them. I’m not like that anymore, but I still love anything and everything about nails. Since I am a swimmer though, I have given up on the whole “no-chipping” concept, as the chlorine seems to rob them of all perfection. In this post, I’ll be giving you some insight on my favorite nail polish brands and colors, easy nail art, and how I try to achieve the salon worthy manicure/pedicure.

Colors and Brands

My two favorite brands of nail polish are definitely Essie and OPI. Stars have been seen wearing Essie at the Emmy Awards and Fashion Weeks. Essie nail polish lasts long and has easy application. The founder of Essie, Essie Weingarten, has created a stellar product. Next, OPI is known throughout the world for their nail care. They provide customers with high-quality formulas and all of their polishes have renowned names. OPI also gives back through advocation for women’s health, education, and anti-violence. 

Within each of these brands, I have my go-to colors. For Essie they are Mod Squad (electric pink) and In the Cab-ana (aqua). Both of these Essie colors are bold and preppy. For OPI they are Pink-ing of You (light pink), Step Right Up! (nude), and Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore (medium pink).Woah, that’s a lot of pink! These three colors are very subtle and pair well with any outfit. 

Essie's In the Cab-ana
Photo Courtesy: A Girls Guide to an Organized Life

Easy Nail Art

While some people splurge on all types of nail decals and tools, I have found that household items like bobby pins, chopsticks, and tape do the trick as well! You can do a simple flower by bending the bobby pin and dipping it in the color of your choice. Place five dots in a circular shape on the corner of your nail, and then add another dot in the middle with a different color. To make leaves, place a green dot just outside of one of your five white dots, and use a chopstick to draw out one of the corners for a triangular shape. If you are in a more geometric mood, you can use tape to create stripes of any size and direction. The possibilities are endless!

Salon Quality

For some reason, every time I do my nails, my left hand always turns out better since I am right handed. On my right hand, nail polish always gets all over my skin. Since I am obviously not a pro, I like to dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and go around all the edges. Whenever I get my nails done, it seems like the color is smooth and not streaky. I have found that if you do two coats (maybe even three for lighter colors), you are able to get a more even application. And finally, don’t forget your top coat. A top coat not only provides protection to keep your nails from chipping, but it also gives them that extra salon shine. If you follow these tips, hopefully others will be asking you where you got your manicure/pedicure done!

As a fun fact, whenever you rip a kneeskin, you can put nail polish on the hole to keep water from entering the suit! Anyways, that is all that I have for you guys today! I hope that you enjoyed this post and check back soon!



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simple Styles for Sluggish Days

If you are like me, you have very little time to get ready in the morning for school. Once my alarm goes off at 6am, I struggle to get out of bed and attempt to make myself look somewhat presentable. On these early mornings, these are my go-to hairstyles! 

The Bun

There are many variations for this known updo. You can add in a braid, twist, or some type of accessory like a lace bow too! In just a couple of minutes, you can get all of your hair out of your face with this chic look.

A Side Bun with a Twist
Photo Courtesy: Cute Girls Hairstyles

The Side Twist

This hairstyle is short and sweet. Just take a small section of hair and split it into two. Then, twist the two pieces together and secure with bobby pins. That is all!

The Braids

Where do I even begin! Braids come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. My personal favorite is the french braid because it is super easy. If you are looking for a more formal hairstyle, try the waterfall braid. Also, the fishtail braid has a lot of texture that goes great with a basic outfit. Keep reading if you want to see an adorable way to use your next day braids!

How To Do A Reverse Fishtail
Video Courtesy: Youtube
The Crimped Look

The crimped look is one of my favorites and it is the perfect way to use your next day braids. You can either leave your braids in from the day before or once you get out of the shower put your hair into braids (the less the looser and the more the tighter). Take your braids out in the morning for gorgeous waves.

The Soft Curls

If you have really thin hair like me, then it takes you no time to curl your hair with a curling iron. But, if you are looking for a shortcut, try out the magic bun maker. Overnight, your hair will go from extremely straight to curly and bouncy.

The Pony

The ponytail dates back as far as Egyptian dancers! But since the ponytail is still in, it has been featured in several teen fashion magazines, including TeenVogue and Seventeen. In the back-to-school edition of Seventeen, there was an article on how to give the plain ponytail the cute makeover. It involved curing the ends of your hair for an extra bounce and wrapping a small strand of hair around the elastic. Likewise, TeenVogue featured headbands, barrettes, ribbons, and scrunchies in their edition. Experiment with all these different ideas to find what works best for you.

A Picture of the Article in Seventeen

These are all the ideas that I have for today. Remember, when in doubt, leave you can always just leave your hair down! I love doing hair and I believe that your hairstyle is an essential part of your outfit. Check out Youtube for lots of hair tutorials if you are willing to try something new. Thank you for reading this post and there will be more posts coming soon!



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Swimming Stories in Seattle: The Sequel

Note: This post is a continuation of my last one, Swimming Stories in Seattle

The last two days at Zones were eventful to say the least. My last individual race of the entire meet was the mile (30 lengths of the 50 meter pool)! I was super nervous because this was the race that I wanted to perform the best in. I gave it everything I had left in me after seven races and ended up dropping 20 seconds (part of it was the altitude difference)! The best part of that race though was the fact that everyone on the Zone Team cheered me on. After I got out and finished cooling down, the chaperones gave us Pink Starburst and Fruity Pebbles smoothies from Jamba Juice off the Secret Menu. It was a special treat because these ones were pure sherbet versus greek yogurt.

One of the traditions at Zones is that each team performs a skit. We were supposed to do a skit, except each skit has to be approved by a committee. Our plan was to go out and pump up the crowd, then walk away after saying “We don’t have one.” The committee didn’t approve, so there was no skit for Team Utah this year. :(

After the finals session that night, it was time for the swimmer social. All the teams that came representing their LSC’s went to a party at the Fun Center. We played mini golf, arcade games, bumper cars, and much more! But the best part was the pizza buffet, I had been waiting for junk food for what seemed like forever. 

After staying up really late the previous night, and waking up early the following morning, we were ready to travel home. Before our flight, we went and toured the streets of Seattle. First, we visited the Space Needle and then the gum wall. Yes, I did add a piece of my gum. We realized that we had a lot less time than anticipated, so we ran through the streets and took the monorail hoping that we could catch our flight on time.

I took this picture of the Space Needle. It was a beautiful day!
Once we arrived at the airport and finished checking all of our bags, we had lunch at Wendy’s. We each were allowed to order three items (I think someone ordered 3 frosties). But one of the guys orders only came with thirty chicken nuggets instead of forty, so we spent forever waiting for those extra ten. 

The flight home went by really fast, probably because it was really short. I’m pretty sure the flight attendants were annoyed with us by the end, but that’s their job. When we entered baggage claim, everyone’s parents were there with balloons and a giant “Congratulations” poster. I was away from my family for a week, so I couldn’t wait to see my brother, sister, mom, and dad!

Overall, Zones was awesome. I hope you enjoyed reading some of my favorite memories. Next year, since I am still age group, I get to go to Zones again. Except, this time, the meet will be held on the tropical island of Hawaii. I can’t wait!

Thank you and check back for more posts coming soon. 



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Swimming Stories in Seattle

PCS Zone Swimmers
As I mentioned in an earlier post, this summer I attended the Western Zone Age Group Championships that were held in Seattle, Washington. I had a blast with all my friends and in this post I would like to highlight a few of my favorite memories.

After we landed in Seattle and finally got out of the rental car place, each of us were placed into van groups that we would travel with to the hotel and meet every day. I had the best van group ever, and it consisted of my buddies Catherine, Katie, Elise, and Bella. You could say that on the way to the hotel, we got really lost. By really lost, I mean that we went fifty miles in the opposite direction. That was really a great start to the whole trip!

Bella, Elise, Myself, and Catherine

My friend Elise, being the curious person that she is, decided to experiment with Katie’s iPhone. Since Katie’s iPhone had a life proof case on it, Elise wanted to test the depths that the phone could withstand. Thinking that it wouldn’t sink quickly, she plopped Katie’s phone into the dive tank. Within seconds, the phone hit the bottom. Everyone gathered around and stared down in awe. Luckily, Elise got the phone before it exploded!

A lot happened during our van rides to prelims and finals. Bella packed Listerine breath strips in her swim bag, but they had melted together into one due to the heat. So, she decided to put them all in her mouth at one time. For the next couple of hours, whenever you were nearby, her breath was like a minty cloud. At one point, she claimed that she could breathe through her ears.

To pass time, we rocked out to the latest hits while imitating different Vines. Cars passed by us, and the drivers looked at us like we were aliens. I’m surprised that we didn’t cause a car crash.

I met a lot of new people, including this kid named Joshua, except everyone called him Chow (a nickname he clearly deserves). He had a quirky personality, but all he really cared about was food. During our team dinners, he kept going back for more. Chow and his friends were in the hotel room next to us, and every morning he would come out of the elevator complaining that breakfast wasn’t ready. 

For this meet, we wore kneeskins, which take forever to get on. It was a girl party in the locker room, and every couple of minutes you would hear a yelp of joy or cheering, which meant that someone got their suit on. Once your kneeskin was up, it was time to celebrate! To this day, Elise has ripped several kneeskins, including the Arenas, and I don’t know how that’s possible. She truly deserves a giant prize for her efforts.

The boys were going down to hot tub on the final night after the swimmer social, and they got locked out of the hotel room in their speedos. They ended up having to go down to the front desk to get another key.

Stay tuned for Swimming Stories in Seattle: The Sequel!



Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Closet Must-Haves

I thought that today I would share with you some staples for your wardrobe, so here you go.


As we all know, giant cardigans have been coming into style. Whether they are a plain color or have an intricate design, they are perfect for those chilly fall nights or just to simply accent your outfit. Right now, my favorite cardigan is the BP Open Front Cardigan from Nordstrom.

Casual & Cute Sweatshirt

I have those days when I barely can even make it out of my bed, let alone put together my outfit. Therefore, I throw on a sweatshirt with leggings for school. The BP Collection at Nordstrom offers comfortable clothing that is perfect to wear everyday.

Quality Denim

Everyone knows that jeans are a closet staple, since they go with pretty much everything. I like to try out different styles and washes for an unique look. I currently love my high wasted jeans from Delias.

Plain Shirts

I mean, what is better than a solid color shirt? They can easily be worn by themselves or layered and paired with other garments. I have to say, sometimes simple is better.

Black Dress

A black dress is a wardrobe necessity because you can wear it on any occasion. Black dresses come in several different styles, so everyone is able to find one that they love. Plus, they never go out of style as todays celebrities are sporting the look at well.

Fitted Winter Jacket

As the winter season is approaching, it’s time to bundle up. For my birthday, I got a jacket from Nordstrom that has a blue plaid print, kind of like a flannel, and a furry neckline. I think that it is absolutely adorable. There are so many types of jackets from parkas to pea coats to keep you warm when the storm rolls in.

Winter Boots

You can trudge through the snow in fashion with fuzzy winter boots. And, in case you were wondering, American Eagle also makes boot socks. Check out Roxy for my chosen boots.


Chucks are back! Literally everyone at my school owns a pair (or multiple pairs) of Converse. Since being released in 1917 as the first basketball shoe, Converse have turned into the American sporty sneaker.  Offered in various prints in high or low tops, Converse are sure to make your outfit.


Guess what? That time of year is here where it is “sweater weather.” Not only do I love sweaters, but my sister loves them too! She has a sweater that has “sweater weather” written on it, no joke. Anyways, sweaters give you that flawless fall feel.


Leggings are the perfect alternative for all jean haters. You can find leggings in stores everywhere! Right now, Lululemon is the most popular. Even with a major price tag, they are durable and fashionable, making every penny worth it. Ivivva, their partner, offers athletic apparel for girls of all ages including outfits for running, dancing, gymnastics, skating, and tennis.
Some of my must-haves!
That’s all that I have for you today!  Thanks and I hope that you’ll check back soon.



Friday, September 26, 2014

My Summer of Swimming

This summer, while some people might have been in their bed watching Netflix, I was in the pool training for my biggest meet schedule ever.  Needless to say, my summer consisted of swimming, napping, and eating. 

As you might know, I swim for Park City Swimming.  Our schedule over the summer was pretty demanding.  We had morning practice every Monday-Saturday and afternoon practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Before some people probably woke up, I had already gone through an entire workout. Each of these practices consisted of a half hour of dryland and a hour and a half in the pool.  If you do the math, that adds up to eighteen hours a week.  That’s a lot of swimming!

Now, you may ask, what did I do in my minimal free time? Well, when I got home from morning practice I usually crashed on the couch for my power nap. Then, when I woke up I would have lunch, maybe watch some Dance Moms, and get ready for the next practice.  And that repeated itself, day after day.

All of this training paid off in the end though.  I got best times all around and learned so much.  Even though I went to multiple meets over the summer, the most important were JO’s and Zones.  At JO’s (State) this summer, our three relays smashed all of the state records. My entire relay team was super pleased with the results, but the important part was that each of us gave our very best.

Me right before an important race at JO's
Photo Courtesy of: Kara Senn

Then came Zones, a meet that a select team from Utah, flew to Federal Way, Washington to represent our state. I met a lot of new people and coaches and got five personal bests.  Zones was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can’t wait to go again next year!

Overall, my summer was the best summer I have ever had.  Now with school starting back up again, and the new season beginning, it is the perfect time to get a fresh start and get back into the swing of things!

In my future blog posts, I’ll bring you the scoop on JO’s and Zones, a little bit more about my team, as well as a few must haves for your closet.  Thanks! See you next time!



Just A Little Intro

Hey! My name is Siena and this is my blog.  In this blog, I will be talking about my sense of style, as well as one of the biggest aspects of my life, swimming.  Check my blog every week or so for new posts. Thanks for stopping by!