Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Swimming Stories in Seattle: The Sequel

Note: This post is a continuation of my last one, Swimming Stories in Seattle

The last two days at Zones were eventful to say the least. My last individual race of the entire meet was the mile (30 lengths of the 50 meter pool)! I was super nervous because this was the race that I wanted to perform the best in. I gave it everything I had left in me after seven races and ended up dropping 20 seconds (part of it was the altitude difference)! The best part of that race though was the fact that everyone on the Zone Team cheered me on. After I got out and finished cooling down, the chaperones gave us Pink Starburst and Fruity Pebbles smoothies from Jamba Juice off the Secret Menu. It was a special treat because these ones were pure sherbet versus greek yogurt.

One of the traditions at Zones is that each team performs a skit. We were supposed to do a skit, except each skit has to be approved by a committee. Our plan was to go out and pump up the crowd, then walk away after saying “We don’t have one.” The committee didn’t approve, so there was no skit for Team Utah this year. :(

After the finals session that night, it was time for the swimmer social. All the teams that came representing their LSC’s went to a party at the Fun Center. We played mini golf, arcade games, bumper cars, and much more! But the best part was the pizza buffet, I had been waiting for junk food for what seemed like forever. 

After staying up really late the previous night, and waking up early the following morning, we were ready to travel home. Before our flight, we went and toured the streets of Seattle. First, we visited the Space Needle and then the gum wall. Yes, I did add a piece of my gum. We realized that we had a lot less time than anticipated, so we ran through the streets and took the monorail hoping that we could catch our flight on time.

I took this picture of the Space Needle. It was a beautiful day!
Once we arrived at the airport and finished checking all of our bags, we had lunch at Wendy’s. We each were allowed to order three items (I think someone ordered 3 frosties). But one of the guys orders only came with thirty chicken nuggets instead of forty, so we spent forever waiting for those extra ten. 

The flight home went by really fast, probably because it was really short. I’m pretty sure the flight attendants were annoyed with us by the end, but that’s their job. When we entered baggage claim, everyone’s parents were there with balloons and a giant “Congratulations” poster. I was away from my family for a week, so I couldn’t wait to see my brother, sister, mom, and dad!

Overall, Zones was awesome. I hope you enjoyed reading some of my favorite memories. Next year, since I am still age group, I get to go to Zones again. Except, this time, the meet will be held on the tropical island of Hawaii. I can’t wait!

Thank you and check back for more posts coming soon. 



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