About Me!

My favorite baby pic!
Hi! I’m Siena. As the author of Splashin’ Fashion, I hope that each of my posts will entertain you, but I am not making any promises! My inspiration for this blog comes from my childhood memories. I was enrolled in swim lessons as a toddler and at that point I was terrified to go into water deeper than where my little toes could touch the pool bottom. I guess times have changed, as now my life pretty much revolves around swimming. Besides swimming, I love to shop and I am fascinated with everything concerning beauty. As a little girl, I remember raiding my parent’s closet and strutting around the house in heels and stealing lipstick (not to mention disguising my thievery with innocent looks).

Besides swimming and fashion, I love food from all over the world. My dad is Swiss-German, so I have had the opportunity to indulge in meals with international roots. And as a side note, for those of you who think pickles and cucumbers are the same, think again. 

You could say that I am little (ok, maybe a lot) nerdy and am wound up in the whole high school student life. Yet, I try to find time to be social and hang out with my best friends! My ultimate dream is to go scuba diving with a manta ray, even though I haven’t had much luck (I think they purposely leave when I am around). 

That is all that I have to say about myself. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog!