Sunday, May 10, 2015

Looking Back on the Year

There are officially nineteen days of school left, and I am super excited for summer! Now, my summer might sound boring to you, because all it involves is swimming, eating, and sleeping, but I am super pumped. Unfortunately, the end of the school year also comes along with the end of this blog. Blogging has been such a great experience, especially since I get to share all my stories with y’all. For my final post, I’m gonna share with you guys on how I have changed this year.

First, I have become more social around adults. As part of the leadership class that I am in, I am on a student board for our local performing arts center, the Park City Institute. I volunteered at shows throughout their season, and helped out by selling memberships. This opportunity has helped me feel more comfortable interacting with adults, and I am no longer afraid to go up to the lady at Ikea for my fav froyo like I used to be!

Now, high school has been a whirlwind, but I have learned how to manage my stress better. Next week, I have an AP test, and yesterday I spent like two hours watching T.V., so I guess I am kinda becoming a regular teenager as far as procrastination is concerned. Over spring break, I just chilled and did no homework, which ended up being pretty great. This year, I took more of an applicable approach towards studying, instead of just memorizing the facts, and it really paid off!

My blog, Splashin’ Fashion, has helped me become more self-aware. By reflecting on all of the key aspects to swimming, I have realized my strengths and weaknesses. There is definitely a difference between just doing a set in practice, and actually being conscious of your actions. This year was my first year of high school athletics, and I learned a variety of life lessons, from the importance of integrity to the value of close friendships.
My friend Elise and I
My first blog post, My Summer of Swimming, was horrible, awkward, and took me forever to write. In my more recent posts, like Heatless Hairstyles, I have really found my voice. As time has progressed, I have felt more comfortable writing posts. Hopefully, you have found my writing to be somewhat humorous and entertaining. 

Some parts of me haven’t changed though. I still am obsessed with swimming, hair, good grades, fruit snacks, potato chips, and cheez-its. The other day, I was really proud of myself because I thought that I had gone a month without eating potato chips, only to find out that my mom considers Pringles to be potato chips. This summer, I am gonna try to eat healthier, but I am not so sure how its going to go. I am also psyched because I now am taller than my mom, which is rather beast considering I had not grown in about three years.

Through twenty two blog posts, I hope that you have learned a little bit more about me. Thank you to my followers and everyone who has read this blog, as well an anyone who has contributed to my blog (You guys are da I know you guys are gonna miss me, but as Mrs. Alp would say, you don't have to go cry and fart around on the field. This is it…so adios!



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