Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All 'Bout Those Braids

What’s up? Today, I have decided to share with y’all anything and everything about braiding! I started my braiding fad when I was about eight years old, after I received my first American Girl Doll, Nicki, and I always wanted her hair to be flawless. Ahhh…those were the good ole days. Since then, I pretty much have served as a hair stylist for my mom and my sis. After watching Youtube videos for hours on end, I have become a pretty decent braider if I must say so myself. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Basic Braid

It might just be a simple three strand braid, but you’d be amazed on how versatile it is. Recently, messy looks have been in, so braids nowadays are much looser. If you want to take this style up a notch, try letting a few strands of hair frame your face and then give them a slight curl by using a curling wand!

The French Braid

My grandma, who kinda lives in a tree house, is especially pro at french braiding, so it is definitely a classic. Her french braids always turn out perfect, although it takes her forever as she takes itty bitty pieces of hair. There are many versions of a french braid, but some of my favs include a full head, side, as well as a french braid leading into a high pony.

The Waterfall Braid

This hairdo is definitely the most elegant of the braid family, and it is perfect for those fancy occasions like Prom and Homecoming, which unfortunately I don’t get to go to yet because I’m still a freshie. If you find that this stitching pattern is too difficult for you, check out this faux easier version here. I have tried this a couple of times, and it literally takes a few minutes to do, which is perfect for all of those early mornings where you are in a hurry to get to school.

The Dutch Braid

This braid is very similar to the french braid, but instead of pulling hair sections over into the braid, you pull them under. By doing so, I think it gives a much more sophisticated and mature look. The key to taking this braid to the next level involves “pancaking the edges”, which adds more volume and texture. 

The Fishtail Braid

Instead of using three strands of hair, you use two for this look. Fishtails have become very popular and are being modeled by celebrities at red carpet events. One of the aspects that I love about fishtails is that they are unique and can be worn pretty much anywhere. If you are looking for a legit fishtail tutorial, click here!

The Zipper Braid

I started learning how to do the zipper braid about a month ago, but I still haven’t mastered it. For some reason, my brain and hands don't cooperate and I always get lost. The zipper braid has a intricate and difficult stitching pattern, but once it is finished you look on fleek. Hopefully I will be able to perfect my zipper braid craft soon!

The Zipper Braid
Photo Courtesy: Cute Girls Hairstyles
Thank you guys for reading! My blogging experience is coming to an end *single tear*, but stay tuned for my grand finale! I’ll see ya later…:)



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