Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Tis the Season: My Christmas Haul-iday

It began to look a lot like Christmas a couple of weeks ago, when the snow finally came and blanketed the city in white. I simply love Christmas - from the cookies to the holiday cheer to the lights. In this blog post, I will be highlighting some of my favorite gifts.


I have always wanted makeup from Sephora. I received the Urban Decay Naked On The Run, which includes five eyeshadows, an all-over powder, bronzer, blush, lip gloss, mascara and an eye pencil. This set has several neutral shades that are perfect for any occasion.

Naked On The Run Palette
Photo Courtesy: Urban Decay

Naked On The Run Tutorial
Video Courtesy: Youtube
My grandma bought me the Bella J. Deluxe Brush Set from Nordstrom. It has a domed powder brush, flat rounded blush brush, flat eyeshadow brush, duo fiber blending brush, definition brush, and lash/brow groomer brush. These six brushes work well with all of my new makeup.

On the top of my wish list was a Large Ruffle Cosmetic Bag from Vera Bradley. I simply adore the Cherry Blossom print and this bag is durable yet fashionable. The inside of the bag has a waterproof lining, which allows for easy breezy cleaning (If you are like me - a germophobe - then this is a biggie).

To tie everything together, one of my presents was a Two-Sided Makeup Mirror by Conair. It has four light settings - day, evening, home, and office. I honestly don’t care about these different lightings, especially the office because it is pointless since I don’t have a job. With 1x and 5x magnification, this mirror allows one to see the bitty details.


I am kinda obsessed with anything and everything concerning hair. For a long time, I have been wanting a curling wand. When I unwrapped my Remington Pearl Ceramic Professional Curling Wand, I ran to plug it in to test it out. This wand creates the perfect ringlet and heats up to 410 degrees within minutes. As an added bonus, it comes with a heat resistant glove to prevent any burns, and when I wear it I feel like Michael Jackson.

Between the chlorine and everyday life, my hair gets greasy fast, to the point where I have to wash it daily. One of the latest crazes is dry shampoo, a way to get the fresh shower look in just a few seconds. I got Batiste dry shampoo in the medium and brunette color. It refreshes your hair, adds body and textures, and removes oils. Plus, the spray container allows for trouble-free application.


On my room walls, I have action shots of me swimming. Prior to Christmas, I already had two canvases, one of butterfly and one of backstroke. My parents gave me another one of breaststroke to add to my collection. I adore these pics because they remind me of how much I love the sport and they make my room feel homey and unique.

My Christmas Canvas
I hope that you guys had a fantabulous holiday season, because I know I did! I just realized that I forgot to mention that I got Lululemon leggings as an early Christmas treat, and they are amazing. Be sure to comment on your favorite presents below. Thanks for reading and see you next time!



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