Monday, December 22, 2014

All Sorts of Suits

In swimming, there are two main types of suits. There are practice suits (you wear these everyday) and competition suits (these are for big meets). In this post, I will be giving you my opinion and feedback on both of these types.

Practice Suits

I have lots of practice suits, because I kinda have a problem of wanting to get a new one every time we are at a swim meet or in the swim apparel shop Aquaholics. Then, I completely forget about all of my old practice suits, and that is why there are like five suits on each of my door handles! 

Anyways, my favorite brand of suit is Nike. They come in several styles with different backs, and have the cutest prints. They last for a long time too, so that’s good! Right now, I wear a blue floral suit to practice. I also have another black Nike suit that I wear to meets that aren’t that major. In summer, we have practice twice a day (the morning and afternoon). By the time afternoon practice comes around, my suit from the morning is still wet. :(

My Current Practice Suit
Photo Courtesy: Metro Swim Shop

You should check out my friend Blaire’s blog, as she has a post all about the suits she wears for swimming and water polo. Blaire, if you are reading this, I really want your acid wash pink Nike suit.

In practice, my coach makes all the boys - for the girls it is optional - wear drag suits. You wear a drag suit to create drag (nice definition Siena: not) and help you become less water-dynamic. I wore a drag suit for the short course season last year, and at first I felt like I was moving an inch per hour, but once I got used to it everything was just fine. Then, that glorious (sometimes) time of year came along, taper time! During taper you drop drag, and let me tell you that first set without drag was amazing. I don’t wear a drag suit anymore, as a feel like it didn’t make that much of a difference and it caused my shoulders to hurt.

Competition Suits

Competition suits are also known as “big suits”. These suits have special oils on them that repel water. When you get out of the pool, your suits dries within seconds and the water drips off in a beading effect. It is super cool! Unfortunately, these suits are only effective for a couple of races before they become worn out. Competition suits come in two styles - fastskins and kneeskins. My favorite brand for fastskins is Speedo, and for kneeskins it is BlueSeventy and Arena. 

Look At All Those Kneeskins!
Photo Courtesy: New York Daily News
These suits are a pain to get on because they are super tight. My friends and I have several memories of bonding over our suffering. These suits are also worn by all Olympians - even though they are sponsored and get a new “big suit” for every race. It is really time that I learn life will never be fair. While some people believe that they do not work, I disagree. Every time I wear a kneeskin, I just seem to step up and race! 

That is all that I have for you today. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back for more posts!



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